His Place is not just about coffee, we are about more. The “more” is being there for our community, to help with the needs that we can meet.

All of our in store helps are free, there may be an occasional cost for materials, but our staff and the space are there to help our Monessen family fulfill their destiny and purpose

Have a child struggling in school? As a parent when my kids struggled in school, it broke my heart. We want to make sure no child and no parent needs to go through that struggle. Talk to our staff about our free tutoring program.

Several times a year we will be offering our reading camp. We have successfully helped children of all ages and skill levels to improve their reading skills by at least a full grade level.

If you are an adult struggling with reading, we are doing our best to put together a program that will help you as well.

Single Mom or Dad looking for a little insight into handling the daily things of life? Just need someone to talk to? We can help! Please ask our staff about the programs.

Today we all of many things we are going through, carry-overs from the way we were raised, struggles from the way life has treated us, addictions and hang-ups that many of us face at one time or another. If you need a little help walking through some of these life difficulties we are here for you to ask our staff about “Celebrate Recovery” it is a program designed for all of us. We all hit those walls of pain, brokenness and failure where we know we could be better.

Other ways of helping our community family will be coming along as needed.